Become a Host on Author's Radio Network

Become a Host on Author's Radio Network

Genre : Pop, Rock
  1. Podcast or sample of current stream

The Authors Radio Network is always on the lookout for interesting and unique show ideas and hosts to match.

On-air opportunities:

– Host your own, 1-hour show, weekly, on any topic or trend. You can have a guest, several in fact. Or fly solo. You have a lot to say – and listeners are eager to hear it!

All shows are pre-recorded for the ease and convenience of you and your guests. With options galore for sponsorship, advertising breaks, or just you, Authors Radio Network will find the best fit for you and your talent.

Weekly, one hour produced show, with your dedicated host page (that you can access and update), links to your web and social media along with your downloadable show:
Monthly: $ 350.00*

– Shorter podcasts more to your liking? You provide your pre-recorded
podcast for us to bundle with other complimentary programming for one of our Authors Radio Network “Author-pod Hours.”
Monthly: $ 150.00*

Authors Radio Network is here to answer your questions and help customize an on-air plan that works for you. Advertising sponsors for your show can get you and your message on the air for FREE!

*A one-time set up fee of $200 includes your training as well as professionally produced intros/outs and break music specifically for your show.