What is AuthorU to Me?

How AuthorU can help your writing efforts.
25 April 2017

What is AuthorU to Me?

It’s not easy being an author in a world that thrives on moving quickly and getting to “the next best thing.” It’s especially hard to be a young author in this world or even an author who is just starting out.

I happen to be one of those authors who are both young and just starting out. I have been a writer all my life, but I have just started to find my voice when it comes to writing for a large audience. That was the easy part of writing a book.

There is so much that goes into writing and publishing books that I didn’t even know about a few months ago. When I finally am across AuthorU and began to understand the resources that would help me with publishing my book, I was completely overwhelmed. How was I, as just a kid, going to be able to sort out everything that had to get done in order to have a physical copy of my book in my hands? I felt like my dream was further away than ever.

Here’s the secret to figuring it all out: Community. Before becoming a part of AuthorU, I generally didn’t have any other authors or writers with whom I could connect with, or bounce ideas off with, or even just have something creative in common with. I had no idea that authors could even gather and celebrate their passion together.

The community I have found within AuthorU has given me the courage and inspiration to carry on with the formation and publication of my book. With the support of my friends and fellow authors, I am excited to continue with all of my writing in the future. The support I have found at AuthorU has been a godsend, and I am incredibly grateful for the friends I have made and experiences I have had (and have yet to have) with this community.

If you are an aspiring author or even an author who is already published but is lacking motivation for future endeavors, I implore you to find your community. Find people who want you to succeed, and who will encourage you to go after your dreams.

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