Why Internet Radio

Internet Radio is growing in popularity year after year.

Consumers have voted with their ears. Internet radio and streaming services have become mainstream. ~ XAPPmedia 2015

Internet radio is where the growth is happening. Traditional, terrestrial radio is at best, flat – being rescued in part by online streaming. But listeners are ever more drawn to exactly what they want to listen to – made possible by choices provided only by internet radio streams.

44% of listeners said internet radio was displacing time formerly dedicated to AM/FM broadcast radio. ~ Edison Research

In the last year, that choice has also steadily moved away from stationary desktop listening to mobile devices. During the first quarter of 2014, only 5% of listening to streaming radio took place on desktop computers. 18% was on tablets and a whopping 79% on mobile devices. (comScore)

Internet-connected cars are expected to rise from 2.7 million in 2013 to over 50 million in 2017. ~ SNL Kagan

The Authors Radio Network offers unique technology for internet radio listening – the ARN global mobile player. There is no specific app necessary, no limitation on platform. When you tune in, the ARN global mobile player delivers instant, crystal clarity – whenever you want and wherever you go.

Internet radio. Join us as we ride the wave of information and entertainment…